Service Overview
A list of all domains you have in the system regardless of which service they are utilising. There is also the very useful option to make notes for each domain - keep track of what you paid, any relevant metrics, or whatever you wish. You can add or delete a service for each one simply by clicking on the associated service type. A tick means the service is applied to this domain however it doesn't necessarily mean it is functioning - it just means your quota is being used for that service. A cross means it is not applied and an hourglass means it has been applied but hasn't updated or succeeded yet. This is the only page where you can completely delete a domain even if it has one of the services associated with it so do not delete unless you are absolutely sure you want it removed from your account. Everything associated with it will also be deleted. As with all pages you can select individual domains or a whole page of domains by the checkboxes on the left. Go to service overview
Every hour all domains using the security quota have their registry whois information checked. If there are any changes you are notified via email and SMS if you have the option enabled. We also track all expiry dates, nameservers, and the registrar the domain is with. At the end of every day you will be informed of any domains within 7 days of expiry and that have passed the expiry date. As you can see this is a powerful system which not only enables you to avoid any potential theft immediately but also to help manage your portfolio. Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will show you all data gathered for the domain and all previous changes along with dates. Any domains that are deleted from this security quota will not be removed from the system unless they have no other services associated with them. You will just free up the quota to be used on another domain. Go to security settings
Monitoring a domain means it is checked every 10 minutes to see it is responding. If the domain ceases responding you are emailed and an SMS also sent if you have the option enabled. Likewise if a domain that wasn't responding comes back up or is fixed you will also recieve a notification. This enables you to keep tracking of multiple sites without having to manually check them thus saving you a lot of time, effort, and potential lost earnings from non-functioning sites. A quick look at this page also shows you a red circle for a site that is down, or a green circle for one responding correctly. As with the security option, domains deleted here are not removed from the system unless they have no other services associated with them. Deletion just frees up your monitoring quota to be used again. Go to monitoring settings
This is one of the most powerful, easy to use, parking page systems that produces professional pages with contact options. Simply park a domain and you already have a page ready to sell your domain or allow potential contact. However you can further tailor settings such as the background picture used, an offer box, a message box, page title, text appearing on the page and even your own code to insert into head tags - this is very useful for inserting tracking analytics although we do provide basic statistics (more below). Changing information is done in real time so you can see changes live on your landing pages as you make them. You can manipulate multiple domains at a time and choose from a multitude of beautiful landing images. Anybody visiting your page who wishes to contact you or make you an offer on your domain can simply fill out the form there. To avoid spam there is a filter at landing level that removes a large proportion of automated messaging and any potential contact has to be authorised via the visitor's email. This means you can rest assured that any contact is from a real person. Although you are emailed there are also records held in our databases which you can browse over at your leisure. Go to parking options
Parking Statistics
Our system catches every visitor to your domain even if they are trying to access a subdomain or a page that doesn't exist. Their visit is logged and presented to you in an easy to read table showing the total amount of visits and the unique amounts. Clicking on the domain allows you to see details about every visit - the country of origin, which page they were looking for, which page referred them, and more information/identification about their system. Also you have an option here to make the statistics for any domain available to the general public. This is extremely useful when you are selling a domain and the potential buyer wants more information about the traffic source and amount. View parking statistics
Quickly create a 7 day auction for any domain you have parked on our system. You can benefit from traffic not only from the site and the auctions themselves but from the thousands who pass through from parked pages. You do not pay any commission on sales whether the domain sells or not - listings are included as part of your system. Auctions here
Full System
As you can see our system is an invaluable tool for all management aspects of your domain. From keeping an eye on the details, checking the domain is functioning, and allowing you to easily create a landing page, you can achieve all this and save hours of work whilst gaining peace of mind. It costs nothing to try it out so if you don't already have an account to play with sign up now and see just how easy it all is.