Must my domain be parked to use security or monitoring?
No. Security, monitoring, and parking are all independent of each other.
Must my domain be parked to include in the marketplace?
Yes. This is to make sure that the domain belongs to you and that you have the ability to make changes to it.
How do I park my domain?
Before you add the domain parking to our system you must first change the nameservers at your registrar to point to:
Be aware it may take some time for your changes to propagate around the internet after making the changes.
Can we see examples of a parked domain?
Here is an example of a page with the option to make an offer and send a message -
This is an example without the box for making an offer -
How do I make a domain's statistics visible to the general public?
In your statistics table each domain has an icon next to it. This is an icon of a person if it is publicly visible or grayed out if not. A single click will enable/disable access. To access statistics use the format:
eg One we have publicly available
How accurate are statistics?
Every visit is logged. Nothing is blocked or removed so you can rest assured that the statistics are 100% accurate. However this can result in a lot of bot/search engine traffic in your data files which may be filtered out by other analytics providers. It is always recommended to incorporate analytics packages, such as google, as well if you want a more detailed break down.
What domain extensions do you support?
We support most major domain extensions but some registries, eg .de, do not provide any expiry details for security checking. As extensions are coded in manually if there is an extension not supported (try a free account), let us know and we'll see if we can implement it. Simply put there are far too many extensions to guarantee we currently support them but the less obscure ones are already implemented.
If I remove a service and add it later is the data still available?
No. As you can imagine we are storing and constantly updating huge volumes of data. If you remove a service the data associated with it will be deleted and started again if you add it a later date. Make sure you have made all relevant notes before you decide to stop a domain's service.
When are free SMS reset and can I buy extra?
Your SMS quota is reset on the 1st of each month (UTC). If you need more SMS quota you can purchase it via your account and, of course, that won't be used until an SMS is required and your free quota is already used up. Unfortunately we have to charge for extra as these cost us directly every time one is sent out.
I need more parking/security/monitoring quota - how can I upgrade?
You don't upgrade. You simply purchase another plan and all the quotas are totalled together. Each purchase sets up a monthly payment from paypal for that quota.
I don't need all the quota I have - how can I downgrade?
You don't downgrade. You simply cancel the plan at paypal you don't want to continue and, at the end of that plan's billing period, your quota will be reduced by the amount it contained. However please note that if your quota is reduced and you don't have enough to cover domains already in the system then the ones you added latest will be removed until you are within your limit.