Auction Rules
Please be aware of the expected behaviour of both buyer and seller if you wish to use the auctions. Although there can be no legal bindings for either buyer or seller it is expected that everyone will uphold any agreements and failure to do so may result in supension or banning from the site and/or auctions.

- The price you list the domain for will be the complete amount payable to you by the buyer. If you need to charge any taxes or expenses it is expected that you will absorb them into the final price.
- You are not liable to pay transfer fees nor should you request payment to cover them. If there will be any transfer fees applicable, for example with uk domains, you should inform any potential buyers in the 'extra information' section of the auction.
- After an auction has finished, if it has ended for equal to or greater than your reserve (if applicable), you agree that you will sell the domain and initiate transfer, or push, within 5 days after payment.
- If you are selling a (co/org/me).uk domain make sure you have marked correctly whether the sale includes the rights of registration to the corresponding .uk
- You can remove your auction only up to 1 hour after placing and, if it has had no bids, you wish to make changes/correct errors. After this hour your auction cannot be changed.

- If a bid is placed in the last 20 minutes the auction will be extended by 20 minutes. This is to stop sniping so get your bids in at any time.
- You are expected to cover any transfer fees applicable to complete the transaction but these should never be paid to, or requested by, the seller.
- After contact with the seller you agree to pay as soon as possible.
- Where possible it is better to open a free account at the registrar where the domain is already housed and the seller can do an immediate free push after payment is received.
- Your bid is considered binding. If you do not wish to honour your price do NOT bid. Failure to complete an auction from the buyer end will result in removal from all auction abilities and/or an account closure.
- You are expected to pay in the currency of the auction - if you incur any exchange fees these are down to you to be aware of before placing your bid.

Really these are all quite obvious and there is no reason why a transaction should fall through if everyone behaves respectfully. If there are any questions make sure you ask the seller any relevant questions before placing a bid and the seller should make sure they answer in a timely fashion. If there are any disputes you may contact us with all the relevant information and we will do our best to help in a resolution. However be aware that realistically there is no legal route to resolutions and also we have no legal responsibility for the auction.

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