Security Alerts
Keep your domains safe
Over the last decade millions of dollars worth of domains have been stolen. It can be several weeks or months before the owner realises. Once this has happened the longer the time between noticing, the harder it is to retrieve and undo any theft. Using the DNManager system you will be alerted by email, and optional SMS, when your whois information changes. The slightest change to your whois details will trigger this alert so this is extremely useful in noticing an imminent theft attempt. DNManager also tracks all your expiry dates to avoid anything slipping unnoticed into expiry or pending deletion.
Monitoring Alerts
Make sure your site is up
We have several servers all over the world that check your domain every 15 minutes to make sure it is functioning. If it ceases responding DNManager will send you emails, and optional SMS, to alert you of the status. If you have lots of domains this is a massive time saver as you don't have to manually check every site or worry about potentially losing money or search engine rankings due to a non-responsive site. Domains are checked from North America (2 states), Canada, Europe (3 countries), and Asia (2 countries) for a true global coverage alert system.
Easy Professional Parking
Park and sell your domain
The DNManager parking system allows you to choose from many high quality images for your landing page. A professional responsive contact box is provided for people to get in touch with you and spam filters mean only humans will contact you. We catch all traffic. This includes traffic to subdomains or pages that may not exist. Basic statistics are also provided but you have the option to include your own analytics code in the head of each domain. Take a look at an example. Your domains are also listed in our domain market as well as your own portfolio list that you can provide access to.
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Try DNManager for FREE
Try DNManager for FREE